Saturday, December 23, 2006

Cause there is nothing better than a naked kid with a snowflake.....

She is so rotten cute. I dont know how we are expected to handle it! I snapped these pics on Friday after we ran around in a diaper after bathtime. She loved wearing this headband (which is actually mine). I think that the novelty of it wore off after about an hour, but it was a very entertaining hour to say the least! I also posted a pic of our "tree" this year. I told Derrick that I didnt want to spend all Christmas telling Riley "no, no" over and over, so we got a little tree and put it on top of the entertainment center. She will walk over, stare up at it and say "ooohhhh", but thats about it! I am getting pretty excited for Christmas. Maybe not for all the running that we have to do, but for the fact that Riley will really enjoy it this year! She is getting the unwrapping part down, and I am sure will be a pro by Christmas morning! I still have a couple of gifts left to wrap, and one that needs to be finished. Its something that should take me an hour max. You would think that I would work on it tonight, but I am going to clean out my scraproom a little bit instead. I got a new order from ACOT this week, and need to get it put away (read: hidden). I also got a new tool last week, and have not even gotten to play with it yet! Well, off to get something done.....

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I wish I would have planned better for Christmas. It seems as though we are down to the wire, so to speak, and i have bought two gifts. I have several left to go. This is problamatic. I am running out of days to shop. It just doesnt seem fun! I know that I will be able to go this weekend, and get some more done, I just wish that it was finished already! I have way to much to still do, and way to little time!
On a good note, Riley is feeling much better. I was home with her monday and Tuesday, because of a fever. Poor little thing. The put her back on her neb treatments, saying that it "could" be RSV again. Not that it was for sure, just being cautious. She is doing much better now. I just hate the helplessness that comes with being sick. And the lonely-ness that comes from staying home. I need my adult interaction!
Not much else goingon here, at the home front. Derrick and I are going to his "Christmas" party tomorrow night. We all get together and go eat somewhere. This time we are going to Alexanders. I think that it should be really fun. I really enjoy everyones company, a lot. Plus I can tell them funny stories about Derrick, and get away with it.
So thats it... pretty uneventful.....kinda the way that I like it...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

New Pics

<---- Rileys new santa had. Best 1.87 ever spent! I am thinking that I might get a couple wallets of this one!

<--- we brush our teeth. A lot.

<---wearing my bra. Again.

<---two squirrels trying to "do it" outside our house. They succeded. We will have baby squirrels next year. This pic is mainly for my parents. For those of you that dont know, mom and dad have a picture of some squirrels "doing it" they always blame the picture on the other person (your dad did it! Nope, your mom did. Ect.) So when Derrick spotted this last week, he said "quick grab the camera, it will be like your mom and dad!" Enough said. I am sure that mom and dad are real proud right now. Happy anniversary, guys!!

No real updates on the home front. I started my Christmas shopping today, and bought a whopping two gifts. I still have a lot to go. But its not the day before yet, so there is still time. I am trying to motivate myself to get some scrapping done, but I am not feeling it this weekend. I wasnt last weekend either. Maybe later this week. Its not a requirement that I do it every weekend anyway! Derrick is off playing poker tonight. I hate when he goes when he has to work the next day. He will be so pleasent in the morning! No big plans for tomorrow. Hopefully the weebel and I will both get to sleep in a little bit!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

new ones....

<-----this one is from today....

<----this one is from about two weeks ago...There is journaling that goes with this, but its a little personable, so its behind the pic...

Lets talk Illini

I can not express enough my love for this team. One of my earliest memories of Illini basketball is watching the chief from the stands during halftime. Or hearing dad yell at the T.V. at home. I have to admit, I wasnt the biggest follower until a couple years ago, when I was pregnant with Riley. Then, I became obssesed. I lived and breathed Illini basketball. I devoured every magazine. Newspaper article. Online site. We had the best team in years! It was so exciting. Even hugely pregnant, I would sit my big ass on the couch screaming explicitives at the T.V. I was a fatter, raunchier versoin of dad. (and I am a little proud of it). So today there were two Illini issues for me. Obviously, there was the loss at Arizona. But, thats bound to happen. We cant win every game, every time. But earlier, something hit me even harder than that loss. We were at the mall, doing some Christmas shopping. The mall is full of those little kiosks, many of which are filled with junk. This one was filled with various pictures of the Assembly hall, filled to the brim, with orange. One picture focused in on the chief, in his famous stance in the middle of the floor. Above him were various pictures of him "in dance" fading into the stands. I seriously almost bought one of these cause I know dad would love it. And dad you still might get one, so act suprised, okay? Back to the point. I felt a sense of hoplesness. This symbol of our fighting Illini, one of my earliest memories will soon be extinct from the U of I. That bothers me, a lot. I know that everyone thinks its not politically correct, that its offensive to some. When did everyone still get all PC anyway? And when did people start getting offended over everything? I swear people are offended anymore when the sky is blue! Or the grass is green. I remember when the chief would come out. Even to this day, watching the chief, I feel so in such awe, and respect, that it can easily move me to tears. Its not a mockery. A mockery would be the chief running around drunk at a party. Waddling along the sidelines, throwing T-shirts. Signing autographs after the game. Posing for photo shoots.
I hope that I get to see the chief one more time before he is gone. I hope that my daughter gets to see him, and realizes what he is. A part of our history. A part of Illinois history. An awesome dance. A symbol that deserves our respect. Long live the chief.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cause there is nothing better......

<-----than wearing your mommys underwear around your neck, right? I mean, why not. Not all the other kids are doing it, just you, it makes you unique. Or something like that. I can not believe the amount of things this child gets into. These two pictures are just a little piece of the pie....

Some random stories from the last couple days:

-we get home from Ohio Sunday night. I go to put all the laundry in the laundry room. Come back to find Riley STANDING on her desk.

-thinking Riley is playing with her kitchen. Finding crayons all over the floor in her room.

-trying to poke the dogs eyes out. With a fork.

-flipping the rearview mirror to check on her in the backseat. Watching her turn her cup upside down, and shake out any milk she can. Into her lap.

-catching her wearing my bra. Repeatedly.

-trying to get her naked self to stop running around long enough to put on clothes.

then there are the pics like this. Wearing mommy's do rag, being as cute as can be. I love this kid.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

New pages

I have been working on my AAM album quite a bit latley. Here are the newest additions. Hopefully more to come, as the ideas are flowing tonight!

Friday, November 10, 2006


I am on day two of a four day weekend. Quick! Ask me what I have done!! Yesterday we went four wheeling. It was really nice for us to get away together, sans baby. We had fun just kinda toolin around. Today is a different story. Derrick is back at work. I am fighting the urge to take a nap. And Riley has been asleep for an hour and a half. I kinda want to scrapbook, but am afraid to get anything started, as I can hear stirrings over the baby moniter. There is always tonight, right?

Friday, November 03, 2006

tons of new pics....

Okay, so its only four...but still!

<----this one proves she is her mothers child. She "read" this magazine intently tonight for about 10 minutes. I think that the fact that the magazine is upside down makes it even funnier!

<-----here she is reading the book that mom and dad got her for Halloween. Every time she turns the pages she makes this "gasp" like face. Like she is thinking "well now, thats shocking, here is a new picture". Its priceless!

<----- doing what she does best. Antagonizing the poor dog. This was after she tried to "feed" him out of her tea-cup. When he would not "drink" out of the teacup she was reduced to having to hit him with it. Why not right? And when that doesnt work try to get nose to nose with him. Poor, poor Harley. At least he is patient with her!
<---- my favorite from tonight. I think this one should be titled: "Mom. For real. Get outta my face. Put the camera down."

So. Thats about it. Although I have some funny "sayings" from the last couple days. Now that we are completly mobile, she is into everything. And trust me, thats an understatement. Here are a few choice things that I never thought I would have to say:

"Do not stick your finger in the dogs nose"

"Stop trying to open the crawlspace"

"Get out of the fridge"

"Take mommy's underwear off of your head"

"Dont hold food in your mouth, trying to get the dog to eat it."

"We dont eat leaves in our house"

"Dont put the remote in the dryer"

Well. That should leave you laughing......

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I am alive....

I promise. Just severly unmotivated lately. I dont know if its the dreary weather or what. I even have new pics of the bean to post, but am to lazy to upload them to the computer. I am obviously not to lazy to scrapbook though......
This is just a simple one of a pic taken a long time ago....enjoy!

Derrick is playing poker tonight, so I am trying to stay up as late as humanly possible so I can find out if he won or not. Its 11:30, and I am thinking I would rather find out in the AM, I am getting sleepy.

I am searching for a burst of creativity. I cant seem to really scrap anymore. I used to be able to sit down, and whip out a couple pages a night. Now I am hard pressed to do a page a weekend! I dont know if its being crammed back here in this little room, or what. I am thinking I need a day to myself, to just do "me" things. No laundry. No running the dishwasher. Just me. Then maybe I can get some scrapping done. Knowing me though, I will use the time to nap! I need to start using all the supplies that I have in order to justify the many purchases I make! Shhh... I just ordered more off of ACOT. Should ship friday! Yay! But its "fancy pants big board chipboard" and I neeeeeeed it. Desperatly!

Okay. Off to bed. I need to get the remote before Derrick does get home. He is now the proud owner of season 5 of Smallville. Joy. Cant wait to watch that every night for the next month before bed. Actually....funny story to follow......When he bought the first four sesons (like all at once) I got so tired of watching them every night, I told him that I was getting nightmares. I told him that I was waking up so scared all the time. So he started watching them in the living room. And I got the remote. Pure bliss. Sometimes I think that I really might be evil!

OKay. off to bed. Will try to upload and post tomorrow....

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's freaking cold out!

I am so done with this winter crap. I am sick and freaking tired of it already. And today is the first cold day. Tomorrow it might snow. I might have to stay in bed. I just hate it. I hate the dry skin. Cold hands. Winter coats. Slush. Icky snow. I could go on and on.

So. The new Ghost Hunters premire is on tonight. Let me just say, this show rocks my freaking world. I waited all summer for this. I am planning on folding laundry, and parking my happy butt in front of the TV. Love it. Then Laguna Beach is on. What a good TV night!

I have been working on the house non stop. I think that I have mopped the bathroom floor twice in tha past day. The stupid dog keeps going inside and tracking mud everywhere. Dang dog. I just hate feeling like I can not keep up with the house, maybe thats whats making me keep cleaning. And cleaning. And cleaning. I should be scrapbooking!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Confessions of the craft

Journaling Reads:
I have more paper than I will ever use. And I buy more.
I have told the UPS man I was stalking him, so he would hand over the scrapbook supplies. He backed away. Slowly.
I have sets upon sets of letter stamps.
I have a huge rubbermaid tote filled with chipboard. Letters.
I have an additional basket reserved for chipboard shapes.
I have every eyelet and brad known to man.
I love 8:00PM on Fridays. Riley is in bed, and I can scrap to my hearts content.
I have every intention of taking over the new addition in order to fulfill my addiction.
I take pictures. Of everything.
I buy scrapbook magazines with my groceries.
I consider adhesive one of life’s little necessities.
I have a bad day, I stop at the scrapbook store.
I collect embellishments. I hardly use them cause I am afraid that I will have a more perfect page for them later.
I would rather buy more supplies than buy an album to put my pages in.
I ignore housework to scrapbook.
I try so hard to mix patterned paper, but think that things should always be color coordinated.
I love Kraft Cardstock.
I hate scrapbooking color pictures.
I love to scrapbook black and white prints.
I have been known to tell Derrick I have to go to “Wal-Mart” (aka the scrapbook store) just so he wont take my car on the weekends.
I spend more time on two peas, a cherry on top, and paper dreams and pixie dust than I do checking or responding to email.
I tell Dr. Bailey at least once a week that his shirts would make good scrapbook paper.
I read scrapbook magazines everwhere. In the bathtub. In Villa Grove waiting for a train. In Taco Bell’s drive thru at lunch.
I get very excited when I see that a scrapbook or picture order has shipped. Very excited.
I have been known to yelp a little when I turn onto my street and see above mentioned package on my porch.
I love the smell of xyron refills.
I love rub-ons. More than rub-ons should really be loved.
I want to ink. Everything. I love the satisfaction of a completed page.
I have a completed page ritual. Sign, date, post on two peas. Post on paper dreams and pixie dust. Upload to Blog. Done.
I have been known to compare work situations to scrapbook supplies. Paper doesn’t whine. Embellishments don’t call in sick. Adhesive does what I tell it to.
I love this craft. I love all parts of it. The cutting. The inking. The hole punching. Preserving my memories. Love it all. Love it.

enough said!

Okay. So now that you have read this, everyone head over to Cause Amber rocks. Seriously rocks. And if you have not been to see her with family or kids in tow, you need to go. Now. You will love your pictures. You will love her. We do! Take a minute to peek at Rileys one year pics. You will not be dissapointed!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Pics from the weekend

Just a few favorites from the weekend! Kyle came to Rileys birthday party! I was so excited that he finally got to meet Riley! We took this picture together in mom's kitchen before he left! The other is of Riley in the car on the way, and then enjoying her new (and currently favorite) toy. She loves to stand on it, my little rebel!

ACOT has finally shipped my order. Derrick has decieded that he wanted a 200 tool set, so I figure I am safe if my 80 scrapbook order arrives tomorrow. Right? A little validation here please....

Well thats all for the night. Another panicked monday, and I am ready to de-stress!!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Whole bunch of random pics here..... Riley riding the 4 wheeler, quick pic of her reading at her desk this afternoon, and some shots of the house....

The scrapbook is moving right along. I have yet to scan and upload, but I need to do that tonight. I have this insane fear that my house will burn down, it makes me feel safer to have things located somewhere online. I feel like they are then "retrievable". Makes me happy. And someone warped, I know.

We had a rather uneventful day today. Took the bean in the wagon to the post office. She had a ball! Loved the wagon ride! Other than that we really have not left the house! Suits me just fine, although I wish I would have made more of an effort to enjoy the pretty day!!

Just for you Dad

I spotted this quote on a message board today. I think it explains alot.

"spelling errors are included on purpose - any errors that are noticed show that people read what I have written."

Ahhhh. Sweet justice!! <3

Friday, September 29, 2006


I give up. ACOT is holding my order hostage. I am sure of it. Today they took two things out of my basket! Do they not know what they are doing to me? I want them to send my stuff. Now. I am getting verrrrrrrrrry impatient!

Had a little breakdown last night. Getting a little frustrated over some things, and it all came tumbling out. I am hoping for a calm, stress free weekend, where I can just relax.

I did, however, get my picture order from Rileys birthday party. Super cute. Hoping that I will be inspired to get her birthday album started. Better yet done. I will post progress, as progress is made......

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Why won't my scrapbook orders ship?? I am getting so disapointed! I ordered a bunch of stuff online this weekend (good thing Derrick doesnt read this) and its not here! I wanted it yesterday. Or the day that I ordered it! Anytime! Soon! Preferably when Derrick is not home!

So other than that, things are going well. I am feeling pretty good, physically. Still struggling emotionally, but its getting much better. I wont cry at the drop of a hat now, but I still dont want to talk about it in depth. Saturday was my real turning point. I sat down in Riley's rocking chair, sobbing. She came crawling up to me saying "ma-ma-ma" with those little arms outstretched. I just though to myself "you have got to pull it together for this little girl!" That thought has been keeping me in a better place, mentally.

So not much else. Working on cleaning the "pit", also known as my house. Its an absolute disaster! So far I have gotten through 2 loads of laundry, and picked up and vacumed Riley's room. I am hoping that since she has already crashed for the night, I will get more done! Wish me luck....

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Getting Better

I think that most everyone knows by now, that Derrick and I lost our little bean this week. I think that this is hands down the worst thing either of us has ever gone through. I am struggling with feelings of anger, disbelief, and sadness that I am not yet convinced will ever end. I feel lonely, and immensly empty. Yet, life will go on. I am so thankful that we have Riley, for she is a force driving us foward right now.

I dont think that this is something that we will ever forget, and I never want to. Derrick and I wanted this baby more than words can express. I find some comfort in the thought that God needed our angel, yet I feel upset, because damn-it, we wanted this angel too. I know inside that its nothing that either of us did, or did not do. We are not to blame. Chances are, something was wrong, and this one was not meant to be. Yet I feel this sense of responsibility. I was the one carrying this baby. I was the one that lost it. My body. Me. I know that its not logical to think this way, but I cant help it.

Sorry to make this such a sad post. Just wanted to get this out. Thanks.... me.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Yay! Cake!

Rileys first birthday, was wildly succesfull! She had tons of people here, tons of cake to share, and got tons of new presents!! She loved her cake!

I cant not believe that a year ago today, I was preparing to have a child! I didnt even know what motherhood was going to be like! I remember taking a nice bath the night before, poutting the finishing touches on the nursery, and finishing last loads of laundry. None of that could have prepared me for the joy our little one is! We love her more and more each day! Happy Birthday (tomorrow) peanut!! We love you!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Just cause its been a while....

Everyone is still doing good. Trying to prepare for the big birthday party this weekend!! We are having a tinkerbell party, complete with streamers, tinkerbell plates, napkins and a tinkerbell cake. I can not believe that our wee one is turning one!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Two Pink Lines

Well. Derrick and I have done it again. We are pregnant!! Due in May! We are both really excited, but I think in shock! It took us almost a year to get pregnant with Riley, so we figured that if we started trying this August, it would take us a little bit. How wrong we were! We are so excited for this little addition to our family!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Yay! Blogger is normal again!!

Now I can uninstall that Mozilla Firefox, or whatever it is!

So not much going on here. Planning Riley's ist B-day. We are doing Tinkerbell. Should be cute. But then again, anything that involves Riley is pretty cute.....

Hoping to get some scrapping done this weekend. I took a nap this afternoon, just so I could stay up later... is that sad or what??

Sunday, August 20, 2006

At least I can post pictures...

But I have no idea why they are all running together!

Here is one from last night. Little cuties!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Creative-ness from the weekend

Started this one before we went out for a girls night last night and finished it up this morning... Am working on another one right now of Riley and Daddy.....

I win,

Holy Crapness. That could not have been any stupider. But here is a picture for everyones veiwing pleasure!

By the way... I had to switch browsers, to firefox. Dad--are you proud, I did that all by myself!! Helloooo-- I am kinda techie!

I am going to win this battle if it kills me.

Or not. I tried to copy and paste. But why would that work. It would be to easy. I checked blogger message boards. Looks like its an issue with blogger. Anyone else having an issue???

Trying again....

Nothing. I still cant post pictures. Help? Anyone??

Thursday, August 17, 2006

i think that blogger hates me.

I have tried. Tried and tried. I can not get pictures to post. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I think this thing hates me. I will try tomorrow. just wanted everyone to know that i am alive.....

Monday, July 24, 2006

New addition pics

1 2

<---- 4

People begged. I promised. I thought about it. I didnt post. But here they are!

1. from the NW corner
2. looking in from the french doors (that are not there yet)
3. looking out our current back door (from the kitchen, into the addition)
4. From the far NW corner of our yard
5. Looking down the SW corner of the addition.

So there you have it folks! In all its glory!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Weekend Over?

Grrr. I can not believe that it is Sunday night already. I DONT wanna go back to work tomorrow! I feel like I have accomplished NOTHING this weekend. Nothing. I have however, cleaned the entire house. I have vacumed the living room at least four times. And fired up the grill three times. I just want to crawl into bed and sleep! For some reason, these last couple weekends have just draaaaaaged on. Its like they are so long, and yet so quick. Is that even possible? Today after I cleaned the rest of the house, I sorted through some scrapbook magazines, and got some good project ideas, and got rid of some clutter at the same time! Small feat, in my scrapbook room. I guess that Derrick is going to get the inside of the addition cleaned out tomorrow, so that we can discuss "placement" options. Let me tell you how that conversation will go:

me: "I dont want it that way. I want it this way"
derrick: "But Kristen-"
me: (rudely inturrupting) "I dont care. My way.
derrick: "will you just listen to me?"
me: "nope. I know what I want"
derrick: (getting frustrated) Kristen, just liste--"
me: (insert tears if necessary) "but derrrrrick" (said in the best whining vioce possible)
derrick: "fine. we will talk about it later"
me: (perform small victory dance while derrick isnt watching)

Hey it never hurts to win!! Okay so it really isnt that bad. We are just both VERY opintionated when it comed to some things, and it takes us while to work it all out. We are both very visual people, so we want things drawn out, so we can visualize things.

So just a cutie little picture of the wee one. I took this yesterday in the truck. Isnt it a riot? Everytime I put the sunglasses on her, she would beam! TOo cute, my little button....

Well. Have a good week everyone! I am not saying I wont write for the next of the week..... but you know...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Just Cause

I dont even feel like typing tonight, but figured I needed a good picture to share. I know that sounds mean, but I am burnt out. Seriously. Just tired. I feel like I need a good four days of sleep to get back on schedule. Or to de-stress myself. I went through Rileys clothes this week, with her help of course, and we found this cute hat that Amber gave us. We have been wearing it continously the last couple days that we have been home. She is too cute! Alright. Enough said... more tomorrow, I promise!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Poor peanut....

I'm not stupid. I knew it would happen. I just hoped that it would happen when Derrick was home with her! Poor Riley was playing this morning and bonked her little noggin. She has a little mark, and a tiny little goosegg. I checked her pupils. They are dialating and undialating (is that a word??) Just fine. I have been watching her closly, just in case. Poor, poor peanut! Of course mommy had to take a picture of the injury, just to scrapbook......

Just some new creative things from the weekend!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Holy Crapness. . . .

Amber--I just want to tell you, seriously, I love your pictures! They rock my world. I wish I had half the talent that you do!

Everyone else....doesnt this picture rock? We went to have Riley's 9 month pics taken, and Amber edited and sent me this pic to post. Isnt it amazing?? I was so proud of Riley cause she really wasnt as mean as she has been! We got some good smiles, and had a lot of fun. Plus we stopped at DQ on our way out of town, and who can resist DQ?

Not much else going on around here. We did hear from Matt, he is in Kuwait. *waving* Hi Matt!!!

Derrick is of course, working on te addition every night. Its kind of hard right now cause there are no real "visual" changes. Like he is cutting these peices for the roof, which is great, but you cant tell anything. Knos what I mean? Its getting a little frustrating... He is on vacation next week, so hopefully there will be more accomplished during that time. I cant complain though, we are not having to pay anyone to have all this done!

Well I think thats about it for the night.....

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