Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lovin' the Bumbo Chair

Okay so its not a real bumbo, its a Walmart knock-off. All the same. Chase is loving this little chair! Its so cute to watch him sit, like a little man, and just take it all in! And eat a giraffe. That poor little giraffe will never be the same! I think he spent a good 25 minutes chewing on it! Good thing his sister was sleepig--she would have never tolerated this sharing of toys!
I'm home today. Its my every other Thursday off. Its cold and icky, but I have not really decided what we will do today. I need to run to the outlet mall, but I am thinking that I may wait until Derrick gets home, so I have a little break at that point. It seems like a good day to stay in jammies and just stay home. We do have to run to the post office though, so I know we wont get to stay in all day. Its already 9:30 though, and none of us are dressed. Chase is sleeping, so we may just wait until he gets up to run our errands!
Almost done with the Christmas projects! Its such slow moving for me. I need to finish our Christmas cards and a couple gifts for other people we know. Other than the few last minute touches, we are pretty much done. Its a good feeling!
Alright. Off to acomplish something. Anything.

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