Saturday, August 04, 2007

Chase's first page

I blurred the last name just *in case*. There are creepy people out there, you know??
So this is really his second layout. Riley did his first... I will scan and post it also.
I also just finished a new one, of an old pic of Riley... on a roll again!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Read me a Story....

Riley got these books from Matt's mom and Dad, and has been reading them to Chase non-stop! Its so cute! She has really gotten into mothering him the last couple days, and while its really sweet, I think that Chase doesnt know what to think. His big sister isnt the gentlest burping helper ever.
We went to the Dr. this morning for a weight check. Chase is not 7lbs 10oz. That means he has surpased his birthweight, which is a really good thing! He is going through that dry skin phase right now, which makes him look even more like a little old man! He also lost his belly button stump last night, so I think that we might try a real bath tonight. I will probably wait until Derrick gets home, since the first real bath always seems to be a huge project, needing two people! Chase also slept really well last night. He ate at 10, and then didnt get back up until about 2:45. Almost a full five hours! Way to go little man! I hope this is just a good indicator of things to come!
I wish that I had more to update on Riley, I feel like Chase is the only kid I am talking about anymore! She did help me scrapbook yesterday which was interesting to say the least. It was VERY tedious for me. I was so worried about her deciding to color on my page, but really she did well. She more or less played with all the scraps, and threw away little peices of paper. I will be sure to upload the page that she made for Chase as well as the one that we did yesterday.
Alright. Thats it for now. I am going to try to take some more pics of the little man today, so I will post them later on.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

More pics

These are all actually from today... the pics in the earlier post were from Monday....

Perfect Little Man

I can not believe how much this little guy has changed already! He is spending more timeawake, although he really isnt up very often yet. I think that he enjoys he baby papasan chair more than anything. He also loves being held, and snuggled, which we are more than happy to do! He is just so sweet. Love him, love him!
Everything else is going fine. Derrick went back to work yesterday, so we are on our own. I was a little teary when Derrick got home last night, but not cause of anything here, I think that it was just a little overwhelming (Derricks words). Everyone behaved, was nice, followed directions (and by everyone I mean Riley). I think that its just frustrating to be here alone, not able to go anywhere, and feel a little cooped up. Its so hot out too, that we really cant go outside and play for long. I think that we spent 20 minutes outside yesterday, and we parked Chase right by the back door, and cleaned up the porch. That was about the extent of it.
Both kids are asleep now, so I have started a scrapbook page for Chase. Hopefully I get it done and posted tonight...

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