Saturday, October 21, 2006

I am alive....

I promise. Just severly unmotivated lately. I dont know if its the dreary weather or what. I even have new pics of the bean to post, but am to lazy to upload them to the computer. I am obviously not to lazy to scrapbook though......
This is just a simple one of a pic taken a long time ago....enjoy!

Derrick is playing poker tonight, so I am trying to stay up as late as humanly possible so I can find out if he won or not. Its 11:30, and I am thinking I would rather find out in the AM, I am getting sleepy.

I am searching for a burst of creativity. I cant seem to really scrap anymore. I used to be able to sit down, and whip out a couple pages a night. Now I am hard pressed to do a page a weekend! I dont know if its being crammed back here in this little room, or what. I am thinking I need a day to myself, to just do "me" things. No laundry. No running the dishwasher. Just me. Then maybe I can get some scrapping done. Knowing me though, I will use the time to nap! I need to start using all the supplies that I have in order to justify the many purchases I make! Shhh... I just ordered more off of ACOT. Should ship friday! Yay! But its "fancy pants big board chipboard" and I neeeeeeed it. Desperatly!

Okay. Off to bed. I need to get the remote before Derrick does get home. He is now the proud owner of season 5 of Smallville. Joy. Cant wait to watch that every night for the next month before bed. Actually....funny story to follow......When he bought the first four sesons (like all at once) I got so tired of watching them every night, I told him that I was getting nightmares. I told him that I was waking up so scared all the time. So he started watching them in the living room. And I got the remote. Pure bliss. Sometimes I think that I really might be evil!

OKay. off to bed. Will try to upload and post tomorrow....

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