Saturday, March 04, 2006

&*(@#^&*% House, I give win.

Seriously. You win. Whatever you want. New foundation, new floors--hell if you keep going I will give you a new set of owners. The question is....will you screw them over too? Derrick and I took the bathroom sink out tonight to pull up the rest of the subfloor. Guess what we found?? Not only is the shower leaking, but this must have been a problem for some time, because a huge peice of the original floor was gone, and replaced with hardwood. It also has wrecked the floor around the toilet. Fast foward. Derrick and I are putting the sink back in. We put it all together. We turn it on. It works!!! Whoooo hooo!! We look down. The stupind, @&#@!(& sink is leaking!!!!! We looked at eachother. Derick slowly reached around and turned the water off at the base of the sink and says "well, we can use the kitchen sink from now on". I didnt even fight back. Oh well. It needs to all be done anyway. At least we can afford (somewhat) to fix things like this now. At least it didnt happen two years ago, when we were still flat broke.

We had the "baby" talk last night. WE were talking about adding on, and what we forsee for room. We were talking about what room would become what, and if we needed the extra bedroom. A big part of me wants Riley to be an only baby. Not that I didnt enjoy soblings, I just cant imaging sharing the love and emotion I feel for her. I know that I can, dont get me wrong, but its a hard thing to think about. I think that Derrick and I are thinking alike, in the fact that if we deciede on having another, we want it to be soon. I would rather go through three years of diapers, instead of ten. I think that Derrick didnt want to say much at first, and I am hesitant to make any decisions right now, so we said we each would think about it, and talk more later.

I think that for me I want to just be pregnant again. I miss the belly. I miss the movement of that little life inside of you. I miss the clothes. The cravings. The awestruckness of realizing that you, and you alone, are sustaining a life. I remember the moment that I first saw Riley. Vividly. I remember Julie holding up my head, and holding down the curtian, and seeing that little head on my belly. It gives me chills to think about it. I remember Derricks first words to her..."you have a blue four wheeler at home". Things like that make me ready for another, but then again the next would quite possibly be our last. Can I handle an entire pregnancy knowing that? What happens ten years down the road, when I am feeling the baby urges? Its to much to think about.

Derrick and Riley are going to Tony and Cindy's tomorrow. Derrick is going to help wire the garage. I am going to stay at home, and relax. And clean. And clean. I am hoping to get a picture order placed, and scrapbook some of the ones that I have here. I really need to find page protectors for Rileys album, so I can put all my pages in it!! I am really looking foward to a mommy-free day tomorrow. Just me and the dog. Just like to olden days! I know that I will feel a little lost and lonely without her though!!

Well Its after midnight. I am off to bed, to read. Riley is in the big girl bed now (her crib, in her room) for the second night, and I can hardley sleep cause I keep checking on her. Its crazy, cause I have the moniter on, so I can here her clear as a bell, just like she was in the room with us. I guess its just strange to know that shes not......

Friday, March 03, 2006

Normal? Really?

I think it has finally ended. The bad luck, the breaking appliances. I think it might be over. Hold on, I am going to go knock on wood.....

I totally cut my hair off last night. Its gone. Well not all of it, but a good ten inches. It was getting to be too much! I needed a break. Plus, and this is hard to explain, I think that I needed an updated look. I look around at some of the people that I work with and I think that they look so polished, so professional, and here I am with my hair still wet, thrown up in a ponytail, cause there is no way I am spending the hour and a half it takes to dry all that hair. I am digging hte new cut, but I think that I want to get some more layers cut into it. I think that i need to adjust to it a bit more first.

My blog ate the bathroom pictures... I will post them, or attempt to post them tonight. I also have a cutie pattootie picture of Riley that I will be posting.

So no big plans this weekend. I am thinking that I will stay home all day tomorrow. I am thinking (notice I said thinking) of getting the house all cleaned up tonight, so I have nothing to worry about this weekend. Derrick is goingto Tony and Cindy's Sunday, they are supposed to work on some wiring together. Riley and I are supposed to go with, but I am seriously considering staying home by myself, and letting the two of them go together. It would be really nice to have a little break from the norm. Course I dont know what I would do, but there has to be something. sounding better and better!!

Well laundry is calling. Screw that, the whole damn house is calling. And to think I had it looking spotless just last weekend.....

Normal? Really?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Turn OFF The Water!!

Things have to start looking up now. They have to. We are the proud owners of a brand spankin new outta the box 50 gallon water heater. Sure there is a orange cord running from it, through the bedroom, through the living room, throught the kitchen, to the pantry, to the breaker box. But, by God, the thing is in. And I have hot water. And no carpet.

Derrck woke up yesterday morning, and the water heater was "trickling" water. Translation: flooding. Riley and Derrick went and picked out a new water heater, and Derrick and I put it in last night. Derrick's departing words at 8:00 when he went to get new pipes were "Dont rip up the carpet." Guess what? I ripped up the carpet. It was soaked. The subfloor was soaked. We also foud out that the shower was leaking. I am having flashbacks of the "Money Pit". OUr house is to cute to have this happen!!

At midnight last night, I finally stopped pulling carpet and sat down on the edge of the tub, teary, and told Derrick that we officially have a creepy house. I can see through the floor in the bathroom to the crawlspace. Yuck.

So am hoping that future posts will be happier. Until then I will leave you with the ick pictures of my sad little bathroom :(

Monday, February 27, 2006

Drama, Drama, Drama

Can I just say that I am sick of it? I know better than to post what its all about here, but I am sick of all the drama!! ARGGGHHHH! Okay... feeling a little better... well, not quite. Maybe after tomorrow??

The new dryer, in all of its glory has arrived. I had these huge ambitious plans tonight, which included me washing and folding loads and loads of clothes. Has not happened yet. Seriously doubt that it will. I am ready for bed already.

So the search is still on for the prestigious water heater. Meanwhile, the floor in the batroom is still wet. I guess thats the way it goes...

Riley stayed with Grandpa Moll today...he took the most adorable picture. We will be trying to locate an email address for Dee Brown and emailing it to him. She certianly is one of his cutest fans.

Well uneventful blogging day huh? Kinda boring if you ask me. Ehhhh... such is life.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

I hate being sick

Seriously. Hate it. Despise it. Loathe it. I hate the feeling where your head is in a jar. You hear everything around you, but its muffled. You can't stop your nose from running. Everywhere. Your nose is raw from constant blowing. You cant taste. You get to the point where you hate being in bed, and no longer want to "rest". Why is it rest anyway? You cant breathe, your constantly blowing your nose, and you cant stop coughing when you lay down. Lot of rest that is. Rant over.

Even through this snot induced haze, I have managed to scrapbook some this weekend. I will post pics for you here, for your veiwing pleasure. As always, I have posted them at as well.

So my new dryer is on its way home. Thank goodness. I have a load of wet clothes waiting for that bad boy. Hopefully my new water heater will come home tomorrow. I think that this is the first "joys" of homeowning we have had. I think that we should consider ourselves lucky. I think that Derricks just mad, cause we were going to use some of this money to start on the foundation for the addition. We are just going to have to watch what we spend, and we will get it saved back up in no time. Translation: no sneaking checks to the scrapbook store.

Well I am going to drag my sick self back to bed. As if I hadnt been there almost all day already.....

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