Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's freaking cold out!

I am so done with this winter crap. I am sick and freaking tired of it already. And today is the first cold day. Tomorrow it might snow. I might have to stay in bed. I just hate it. I hate the dry skin. Cold hands. Winter coats. Slush. Icky snow. I could go on and on.

So. The new Ghost Hunters premire is on tonight. Let me just say, this show rocks my freaking world. I waited all summer for this. I am planning on folding laundry, and parking my happy butt in front of the TV. Love it. Then Laguna Beach is on. What a good TV night!

I have been working on the house non stop. I think that I have mopped the bathroom floor twice in tha past day. The stupid dog keeps going inside and tracking mud everywhere. Dang dog. I just hate feeling like I can not keep up with the house, maybe thats whats making me keep cleaning. And cleaning. And cleaning. I should be scrapbooking!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Confessions of the craft

Journaling Reads:
I have more paper than I will ever use. And I buy more.
I have told the UPS man I was stalking him, so he would hand over the scrapbook supplies. He backed away. Slowly.
I have sets upon sets of letter stamps.
I have a huge rubbermaid tote filled with chipboard. Letters.
I have an additional basket reserved for chipboard shapes.
I have every eyelet and brad known to man.
I love 8:00PM on Fridays. Riley is in bed, and I can scrap to my hearts content.
I have every intention of taking over the new addition in order to fulfill my addiction.
I take pictures. Of everything.
I buy scrapbook magazines with my groceries.
I consider adhesive one of life’s little necessities.
I have a bad day, I stop at the scrapbook store.
I collect embellishments. I hardly use them cause I am afraid that I will have a more perfect page for them later.
I would rather buy more supplies than buy an album to put my pages in.
I ignore housework to scrapbook.
I try so hard to mix patterned paper, but think that things should always be color coordinated.
I love Kraft Cardstock.
I hate scrapbooking color pictures.
I love to scrapbook black and white prints.
I have been known to tell Derrick I have to go to “Wal-Mart” (aka the scrapbook store) just so he wont take my car on the weekends.
I spend more time on two peas, a cherry on top, and paper dreams and pixie dust than I do checking or responding to email.
I tell Dr. Bailey at least once a week that his shirts would make good scrapbook paper.
I read scrapbook magazines everwhere. In the bathtub. In Villa Grove waiting for a train. In Taco Bell’s drive thru at lunch.
I get very excited when I see that a scrapbook or picture order has shipped. Very excited.
I have been known to yelp a little when I turn onto my street and see above mentioned package on my porch.
I love the smell of xyron refills.
I love rub-ons. More than rub-ons should really be loved.
I want to ink. Everything. I love the satisfaction of a completed page.
I have a completed page ritual. Sign, date, post on two peas. Post on paper dreams and pixie dust. Upload to Blog. Done.
I have been known to compare work situations to scrapbook supplies. Paper doesn’t whine. Embellishments don’t call in sick. Adhesive does what I tell it to.
I love this craft. I love all parts of it. The cutting. The inking. The hole punching. Preserving my memories. Love it all. Love it.

enough said!

Okay. So now that you have read this, everyone head over to Cause Amber rocks. Seriously rocks. And if you have not been to see her with family or kids in tow, you need to go. Now. You will love your pictures. You will love her. We do! Take a minute to peek at Rileys one year pics. You will not be dissapointed!

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