Friday, July 14, 2006

Holy Crapness. . . .

Amber--I just want to tell you, seriously, I love your pictures! They rock my world. I wish I had half the talent that you do!

Everyone else....doesnt this picture rock? We went to have Riley's 9 month pics taken, and Amber edited and sent me this pic to post. Isnt it amazing?? I was so proud of Riley cause she really wasnt as mean as she has been! We got some good smiles, and had a lot of fun. Plus we stopped at DQ on our way out of town, and who can resist DQ?

Not much else going on around here. We did hear from Matt, he is in Kuwait. *waving* Hi Matt!!!

Derrick is of course, working on te addition every night. Its kind of hard right now cause there are no real "visual" changes. Like he is cutting these peices for the roof, which is great, but you cant tell anything. Knos what I mean? Its getting a little frustrating... He is on vacation next week, so hopefully there will be more accomplished during that time. I cant complain though, we are not having to pay anyone to have all this done!

Well I think thats about it for the night.....


Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh shucks, but seriously, who couldn't take a cute picture of Riley?


Anonymous said...

I hope the proofs get posted soon cause I know a buch of people that need a picture of Riley to put on their walls.

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