Sunday, October 07, 2007


<---we took this picture so grandma could take it to the hospital with her

<---Riley with the sheep. It bothers me how un-afraid she is of anything. I worry that her hand will be bitten off!

<---looking at the goats

<----this was the cutest baby goat!

<---the kids in their Halloween costumes. My sweet little ducks. I ordered orange and yellow tights for them to wear!

Okay... I really think thats it for the day.....


I'm searching the internet for a bumper sticker Derrick's dad saw today. Know those little Calvin and Hobbs bumper stickers? This one is similiar, but the Chief is in plave of Calvin. And the object is the NCAA. Ha. I will find it. I am still searching.

Nothing much else to report here... I have some new pics which I will put in a following post. Once I start typing, if I decide to add pictures, I loose everything.

Derricks mom is doing okay after her surgery. We stayed at the hospital until about 9 on Tuesday, but they still hadnt moved her to a room and we had a VERY tired two year old that we decided we needed to take home. She is home now, but still having a lot of pain. We went to go have breakfast with her this morning for her birthday, and I think that the kids and I will head over there in a little bit for cake.

Chase is growing like a weed. I can not believe how much they change at this age. He smiles all the time. I swear there is nothing better in the world than that sweet gummy smile!

Mom and Dad came down yesterday and we went to the second annual Wolly Worm festival in Camargo. It was pretty cute, but it was so hot! I think that we were all sweating by the time we walked to the park!!

Okay... of to upload some pics...

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