Friday, November 03, 2006

tons of new pics....

Okay, so its only four...but still!

<----this one proves she is her mothers child. She "read" this magazine intently tonight for about 10 minutes. I think that the fact that the magazine is upside down makes it even funnier!

<-----here she is reading the book that mom and dad got her for Halloween. Every time she turns the pages she makes this "gasp" like face. Like she is thinking "well now, thats shocking, here is a new picture". Its priceless!

<----- doing what she does best. Antagonizing the poor dog. This was after she tried to "feed" him out of her tea-cup. When he would not "drink" out of the teacup she was reduced to having to hit him with it. Why not right? And when that doesnt work try to get nose to nose with him. Poor, poor Harley. At least he is patient with her!
<---- my favorite from tonight. I think this one should be titled: "Mom. For real. Get outta my face. Put the camera down."

So. Thats about it. Although I have some funny "sayings" from the last couple days. Now that we are completly mobile, she is into everything. And trust me, thats an understatement. Here are a few choice things that I never thought I would have to say:

"Do not stick your finger in the dogs nose"

"Stop trying to open the crawlspace"

"Get out of the fridge"

"Take mommy's underwear off of your head"

"Dont hold food in your mouth, trying to get the dog to eat it."

"We dont eat leaves in our house"

"Dont put the remote in the dryer"

Well. That should leave you laughing......

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