Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

<--- Chase playing with a baby....

<-- Derrick corrected the poor little guy with something more boy oriented.

<---little man and sweet potatoes. Life is good.

<---the prettiest pie ever.

<--two cutie cousins sharing a chair.

Not too much to report here. Life is the same old, same old. Sometimes thats a good thing. I have been feverishly working to finish Christmas gift, the majority of which are done. I have about 30 cards left to do, I have to make my Christmas cards, and finish some gift card holders. And the countdown officially begins. We have an appointment for the kids to have their pictures done on Saturday, so I am hoping that I get some good wallets to send out in the Christmas cards! I tink that I am going to have them both go in jeans, white tees and bare feet. And Santa hats for at least one pose! We are going to a new place, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that the pics are good!!

We spent Thanksgiving at Derricks mom and dads. Good food, for sure! It was cute to see the kids all playing together, and I couldnt help but wonder what we did on Thanksgiving before we all had kids! I do think that I remember sleeping in more!! :)

I have to go into work tomorrow. Its only half a day, so its no biggie. I will probably start the annual Christmas decorating! I will be alone all morning, and people will think that we are closed so hopefully it wont be too busy!

Chase is trying his hardest to roll over. Its just not working for him too well! He cant seem to get past that chubby arm! I bet that he does it this weekend though!

Alright. off to wrangle the two year old...

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