Saturday, March 22, 2008

In the last 24 hours.....


<---funny face

<----no toys for this kid. Just coasters

<---nice lip huh??

<---busy wokring on her palm pilot....

Not all of these are from the last 24 hours....well the lip is....let me tell you what my children have done in the last four hours....

- Riley, while jumping up and down in her crib (to show off for her brother) bit her lip. Pretty bad. Bad enough mommy called the resident for OMFS, just to make sure.
- Riley has NOT had a nap. The two in the same room proves to be too exciting for her.
- I moved the kids into one room. See above.
- They colored on eachother. With a neon highlighter. Thank God it was before bathtime.
- They both tormented the dog with graham crackers.
- Riley mixed apple puffs with pot roast dinner. And ate it. Disgusting.
- Chase got his head stuck in between the couch and the end table. Twice.

I am sure that I am being payed back for something. I am just more sure that its really something Derrick did when he was younger. Seeing as I was so angelic, this cant be one of my traits.........

So the kids are both in bed now. Bathed. Fed. And laying there talking and giggling at eachother. I keep having to go in there to remind Riley that its bedtime and they need to be quiet. Its kinda cute though that they still like eachother enough to act like its one big slumber party! We are starting the new addition next weekend, so we figured that it was best to move them now, instead of two weeks from now. This way they will hopefully be a little more adjusted to sharing when they move to our room (and we move to the back room). I am really counting on their rooms to be done quickly, as I am not really thinking that we are going to have the best living arrangements for that period of time. Derrick assures me that it will be quick, but I know that he will be doing things mostly himself, so it will be hard on him. I am going to try as much as possible to help, but i am kind of limited until after the kids go to bed. to get some things done while its quiet(er)........

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