Sunday, May 27, 2007

First Kiss....

Rileys first kiss with Payton....cute as can be!!


So I can't think of anythign creative for a title. So Hmmm. it is.

I snapped this pic of Riley today. Looking onery as ever. This was actually right after she ate part of a green crayon. I give up. I guess it will just match the red one she ate earlier.

Derrick and I are utalizing the new room to its fullest potential. In fact, I dont think that we have been in the rest of the house at all since we moved in. I think that my scrapbook area is mostly "straightened" out, but I am still working on organizing a few things. Mainly crap I hate to sort through, like patterned paper, and misc. embellishments. I did alter this barn star last night, using some paper from chatterbox. I love their paper lines, they pretty much match everything for you. Anyway, this star started out this puce yellow color (is that a color) and I painted the "showable" parts a cream color. I cut the paper to fit, inked the edges (with staz on) and then modge podged the whole thing together. I have two more smaller stars I intend to do the same thing with. I am also doing a large 16 x 20 canvas that will have the family pics that we had taken a while ago with the same patterned paper line. Oh yeah, and a clock. I have to many project to count, I think. With all this altering, I have not scrapped anything in forever! In fact I am waiting on a couple picture orders to get some things done. I am kinda mad at clark photo. I
placed an order that "shipped" on the 15th. Still isnt here yet. They still have not answered my email. I better get my prints, and soon. I figure if I dont have them by Wednesday I am going to make a phone call to them instead of waiting any longer. I ordered all my zoo prints, and really want to start on my zoo book, but their non-delivery-ness is not helping.

Everything else is going fine. Baby Chase is as active as ever. I went to the old navy outlet in Tuscola today and picked him up some cute little outfits. I just cant resist. Especially when things are on sale. Carters is having a 70% off sale right now. I just had to walk away. There were so many things so cheap though, I might just head back tomorrow, providing I have full cooperation from the little one.

Well, we have company on the way, so I better get things picked up... hope everyone is having a good three day weekend, providing that you are having one! :)

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