Sunday, April 22, 2012

 Well. I think the porch has to go. That and the fact that it doesnt have a FOUNDATION.
 View of porch from kitchen. This will be the new addition. To the left will be laundry, door will remain, additional door on right for attached garage.
 Yeah. Glad we didnt fall through.
 Ewww. But at least they cleaned the table????
 From front yard.
Front yard looking toward outbuildings.

Besides mentioned changes, strip house to studs. Replace insulation, wiring. New roof, new furnace, new AC. New drywall, flooring, and possible windows. New kitchen cabinets (we would keep the old except for the PEE stains). Replace all appliances (there was sooooo much poo on the stove). New trim, refinish stairway, paint. And of course, mow.
 View from poop porch into master
 View from closets. That isnt poo on the floor. Just what the animals have dug out of the ceiling.
 Still master
 125,000?? No.
 Closet off of master. Will be torn out to make Rileys room bigger.

Doggie door in the ceiling.
 View from servant staircase looking towards master
 Looking towards door for servant staircase. This will be enclosed in addition.

 Bathroom. Complete with nests. And waterlogged.
 The only built ins I really wanted to keep. Until I discovered what had been nesting in them.
 Bulging plaster/drywall. This lamp was dripping water.
 Rileys room
 More water damage
 View from door of Rileys
End of hall
 Looking from dining into kitchen. Doorway will be opened up
 Part of front room/pepto bathroom
 View from near pepto bathroom. Wall with the pic will be coming down.
 Holy. Pink. Hell.
 These cabinets will come out, doorway made into kitchen.
 Front door is on left in this pic.
 Purple. Shag. Carpet. Throughout. Need I say more??
 Chases room. Wall with picture would be removed (its just particle board surrounding a leaking chimney)
 View towards door of Chases room.
View from door of Chases room
 Back of house (taken from the jungle)
 Back of house again. Garage is to the left, somewhere behind those trees.
 Side/rear of house. Entire porch will be torn off, including the balcony "poop porch". will be replaced with two story addition that will contain master bath, and additional room for Chases room.

Downstairs "porch" will be mudroom/laundry/pantry with access to attached garage and additional bath (or closet) off of living room.
 Front Porch/Tick breeding ground

 Front of house from what might have been a driveway. . . . thirty years ago
 Huh. Wonder why there is water damage???
 Wall behind W&D will be removed giving access to front of house.
Kitchen cabinets. This whole thing will be removed. Bar/eat in dining added.
The seventies ate this dining room and haven't puked it back up yet. Mirror wall will be removed.

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