Friday, May 26, 2006

Foward Motion.....

Thats right. We are moving. Rocking and rolling. Crawling. Full speed ahead. Its priceless. Now that she has figured it out, she cant get enough! Today I picked her up off the kitchen floor. Three times. Over and over. She cant resist it. I can. The floor is so dirty, its the last place that I want her to be. Its not that I dont clean, but with the addition in progress, I cant keep that floor dust free to save my life! It sucks. Really sucks.

So let me think. Amber pointed out to me that I have not blogged in 2.5 weeks, so I better catch everyone up..... :)

Brian got married today. To Lisa. I am not sure how long they have been dating (isnt that sad) but they do seem pretty happy, so I am excited for them. Brian goes back out to CA on Monday. He will be back on base for two to three weeks, before coming home, and then going to his "home base" wherever that may be.

We have talked to Matt through email back and forth. We really miss him, but are trying to stay upbeat.

Vanessa and Chandra are backpacking it through Europe. I am kinda jelous. So mom and Dad, when you read this, next time, I want to go. Please? I have this vision of them being "stranded, like Cash Peters", that TV show on the travel channel. Mmmm... love the travel channel.

I am working on the "scrapbook project" still. I thought that my snapfish pics would come today, but I am still waiting. Meanwhile, I am going to alter a journal for cindt, since I found out that she isnt keeping track of pregnancy details for me. THere can not be a maternity album without details! I am thinking that I may have to go live with her when the baby is born, just so I can keep track of things when they happen, for the poor peanuts baby book!

Okay. Long enough for one night. I PROMISE that I will try to blog more often.....

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