Sunday, July 23, 2006

Weekend Over?

Grrr. I can not believe that it is Sunday night already. I DONT wanna go back to work tomorrow! I feel like I have accomplished NOTHING this weekend. Nothing. I have however, cleaned the entire house. I have vacumed the living room at least four times. And fired up the grill three times. I just want to crawl into bed and sleep! For some reason, these last couple weekends have just draaaaaaged on. Its like they are so long, and yet so quick. Is that even possible? Today after I cleaned the rest of the house, I sorted through some scrapbook magazines, and got some good project ideas, and got rid of some clutter at the same time! Small feat, in my scrapbook room. I guess that Derrick is going to get the inside of the addition cleaned out tomorrow, so that we can discuss "placement" options. Let me tell you how that conversation will go:

me: "I dont want it that way. I want it this way"
derrick: "But Kristen-"
me: (rudely inturrupting) "I dont care. My way.
derrick: "will you just listen to me?"
me: "nope. I know what I want"
derrick: (getting frustrated) Kristen, just liste--"
me: (insert tears if necessary) "but derrrrrick" (said in the best whining vioce possible)
derrick: "fine. we will talk about it later"
me: (perform small victory dance while derrick isnt watching)

Hey it never hurts to win!! Okay so it really isnt that bad. We are just both VERY opintionated when it comed to some things, and it takes us while to work it all out. We are both very visual people, so we want things drawn out, so we can visualize things.

So just a cutie little picture of the wee one. I took this yesterday in the truck. Isnt it a riot? Everytime I put the sunglasses on her, she would beam! TOo cute, my little button....

Well. Have a good week everyone! I am not saying I wont write for the next of the week..... but you know...

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