Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday, Monday

<--- I love this picture. Love it.

<---dont his eyes look so blue??

<--too cute!


<----so much fun!

I took the kids to the park here in town this morning. Riley loves the slides, and had so much fun going up and down, up and down. It was really cute! She does have band-aids on both knees, but no injuries I assure you. She wants a band-aid for every "owwie". There are no owwies, but she felt the need for bandaids. I gave up arguing and just gave in. Its much easier that way...she is about as bull headed as her father!!

After the park we went to the post office, where I was suprised to find my order that I ordered on Saturday waiting for me! I have been reading books by Jodi Picoult, and really enjoying them, so I ordered a few this past weekend. I had no idea that they would get here so quickly! I am so happy that they did though, as I have already started reading them!

Well I hear Chase stirring, and its about time for him to eat....

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Random Pics.....

<--- the kids...sharing the couch together......

Riley in her new crocs. We are going to a camoflauge themed wedding, and we got crocs for her and her baby cousin to cute!

<----the little his Illini gear

<---me and Sarah last night....goood times....

Not a whole lot going on here, same old same old. Kinda nice that way! We have been busy shopping, and doing not a whole lot else! We will have to stop shopping soon....our checking account wont be able to take it much longer! :) Then we will just have to stay home!

We have had a pretty uneventful weekend. I went up to Sarah's last night, where I enjoyed my first pot pregnancy adult beverage...most of the girls from work were there, and a few new faces. It was really good to see everyone, and get together outside of the office. I really miss the people that I work with! I dont miss work as much, just the people.

Derrick is out putting the new siding on the shanty. It seems like he always has a project going on! At least it keeps him out of trouble! I think that we are going to go get the sidewalk pavers on Tuesday night, so then we will be starting that fun project. Should be interesting. I kinda miss being pregnant, cause then I didnt have to help with all this stuff! Now I know I am going to have to help! We plan on starting the kitchen remodel this winter, so I know that I will have to help with the trim/drywall/painting. At least we dont have to re-do cabnits or anything! I would like to change out the hardware, and possibly look into new counter tops though. We will have to see what I can talk derrick into. I just hate my light colored counters, they show everything! It seems like a waste to take them out if we dont need too.

I think that i am going to start a new baby boy scrapbook page tonight. I have been working on some christmas projects. While they are fun, its a little hard to do stuff like that on demand. I hope that makes sense, without giving to much away...

off to print some pics.....

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