Saturday, May 22, 2010

Coloring using Prismas and goo-gone

This is the original image, colored only…..002

Only the birdie’s little body and tail is shaded in with the goo-gone and a blending stump….


Here completely blended….


But I wanted to add more purple. So I used some more purple on the flowers.


And blended some more. Here is the completed image….


I am feeling pretty proud of this little guy! :)

Something new to obsess about…..

fall 2009 001

Glittery paint in amazing colors. Like heaven in a little pot. The color is AWESOME and the coverage is great. Takes a little bit to get the paint mixed, and its a little shocking at first, because it is really watery, but once you use it, you will love it. I promise. I used it on the flowers, and the chipboard on my layout below, (the thumb sucker one) and was soooo impressed.

Next up…..


Yum. Seriously. I need an color pencils collector anonymous meeting. “Hi, my name is Kristen, and I can’t put down the pencils”

And using a blending stump and this:


Fantastic-ness. Which isn’t a word. I am aware. But Oh. My. Gosh. It makes me look like I have talent. Sample artwork coming soon….

Friday, May 21, 2010


So. The semester is officially over, and I have no excuse for not blogging more often. So here I am. I have been creative lately, which has been amazing. Mom helped me decide on some prisma colored pencils, and I am totally smitten. And I have been scrapbooking like mad. And I just placed a order for over 200 pics, so I know that there are more pages to come! Some new ones from this week….



And I realize that I really need to learn how to scan my pages. Not only would they look better, but it would eliminate the possibility of me falling off my chair (which has wheels) where I perch precariously trying to shoot a picture of the layout on the clipboard on the wall. See, all my layouts stay on the wall for a while before they enter the scrapbooks. That way they are seen for a while, and serve as decoration!

Nothing majorly new. We got a new septic system last week. My yard now looks like this…




This picture (above) is when they collapsed the old tank. Ick.

I also have something really nerdy that all my SU followers will love. I get so tired of looking through the catty and picking out stamps only to wonder “do I have that set” Or digging through everything to find the perfect stamp set, only to find out it doesnt fit my vision. So I made this….



Inside and alphabetized, are 5x7 note cards. I stamped all stamps from the set, labeled it and wrote down details (like retired, current ect)


LOVE IT. I have been using my stamps much more. I also scored this awesomeness at a garage sale last week….


Full of stamps, and the top is PERFECT for a bigshot cutting station. HEAVEN. Derrick said I cant grow anymore though. I am a master hoarder though, so I have no fear. :)

WARNING…MOM look away….

Pathetically these are the mothers day cards I made that I STILL have not sent. Who the hell decided mothers day should be around finals week??? Misery I tell you, misery.


Mothers, you will receive these cards. Hopefully before next year.

And because they are so dang cute and irresistible….



Notice Chase twirling his hair. Cutie.

If we are FB friends, you have seen this….if not, here you go….


He promised he would use a lightning McQueen potty chair. He hasn't used it for potty, but instead I caught him using it to amplify his voice. In the toilet. Did you know that you can amplify your voice in the toilet? I know. Me neither.

Alright. I begged Derrick to get me DQ earlier. Off to see if he obeyed loves me enough to buy me ice cream….. :)

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