Saturday, July 01, 2006

*tap* *tap* is this thing on???

Hello??? Is anyone out there? I keep posting... I get all excited for comments... I get all disapointed when I dont see any.... I'm just sayin'......

One last one....

Loving this. LOVING IT! But I have to go to bed.... its getting late, and I am sure the wee one will be up bright and early...

Friday, June 30, 2006

Its Friiiiday!!

Whooo hooo! The weekend is finally here!

Riley met me at work this afternoon, and we went grocery shopping together. We picked up all the food for this weekends cookout, plus the few necessary toys. Cause you cant go to Walmart without getting toys!

<----- Here is my new "creation" for the evening. I am really diggin' it, although the green scanned waaay brighter than it is. Its seriously not that obnoxious in real life. I am hoping that since I got the creative juices flowing, I will be able to push out a few more layouts tonight. I am not promising anything though....

Thursday, June 29, 2006


So Derrick and I have spent the last 25 minutes watching the side of our house for wasps. We have found three so far. Three more than we need. We are afraid to keep ripping peices off the wall, cause we dont know whats behind it. I even went so far as to go inside and listen to the wall to see if I could hear them buzzing. I cant. I dont know what we are going to do yet.

So tomorrow is a half day, then a four day weekend! Whooo hooo! I am pretty excited! I am meeting Jen at work tomorrow, going to go get Chinese, and then go grocery shopping! I am ready to get everything taken care of, so I can enjoy my time off!

Thats it for the night. I have to do something creative. Plus I want some ice cream.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bloggity, blog blog

I am trying. Seriously I am. Yesterday I thought about it. I got on the computer. I didnt do it. Today I am. Thats right, I'm Bloggin!

So here is a new LO (layout) for everyone. How come I am not caught up? Why am I scrapping months old pics? Its scary. Will I ever be caught up? I actually just printed a newer pic, so I am pretty excited, and hoping that I scrap it tonight. However, Ghost Hunters is on tonight, and usually commands my full attention. I know its a repeat, but still. Cant get enough!

Lisa is heading out to see Brian tomorrow. Everything is so emotional right now, and very stressful. I handle things different I think, cause I never say when I am mad. I never disagree. I just want everyone to play nice. Get along. Share. Share the people in your life. Like eachother. Life is to short to be so angry. Didnt these people go to Kindergarten? PLAY NICE DAMNIT!

Vent over. So not a whole lot else here. Some of the walls are built for the addition, however, they will not go into place until Sunday. Sunday we are backfilling, plywooding the floors, putting up the walls, putting up the trusses, and plywooding the sides and roof. Hopefully. My job, cause I know you were wondering, is cooking out, and making sure everyone is well fed. And comfortable. Thats the extent. This weekend is a four day weekend for me, so I am hoping that Riley cooperates, and I can get something accomplished. I dont know what that something is yet, but I want to get it done. I have this enormous urge to *spring clean*. No, I am not nesting. I promise. I just feel like I want to re-arrange furniture. Clean under the couch. Sort old clothes. Okay I better stop.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Wanna Cracker??

We loooove club crackers! Love them! Much to daddy's dismay, because Daddy loves them too! He will have to start stockpiling some in order to have any of his own!

We are also a four wheeling mamma! Daddy and Riley took the four wheeler out in Tony and Cindy's driveway last weekend! She had sooo much fun! Derrick said that she talked the whole way!

Okay. Thats it for tonight. Just wanted to keep everyone updated!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Still Alive!!

I can not believe that I have not blogged since the end of May. Here comes my mid-summer resolution! I have to blog more! How are you all going to see pics of Riley if I dont start bloggin?

Speaking of the little one... we are into everything. I say this after cleaning up diet coke from my living room floor, fishing the remote out from under my couch, and finding my cell phone under the coffee table. She is off and, crawling. We are pullin ourselves up onto everything, like there is no tomorrow. Its insane. She will be walking before long, I am sure.

We had our first four wheeler ride last weekend. Riley rode with Daddy, while mommy (of course) took pictures. It was sooo cute. Derrick said that she talked and babbled the whole way. Course they only went up the driveway and back, so I can not imagine she said much.

Everything else is going good. The addition will hopefully be shelled next weekend. I am pretty excited for it. I think that we will be done sooner than we think we will. I am just excited to move in! I told Derrick that i want hardwook floor in my half, and carpet in the other. Then I wont have to worry about dropped ink pads, or the illusive stray adhesive.

Well I can hear talking over the baby moniter, which means our nap, as usual, was short lived. I will try to post pics tonight....

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