Tuesday, January 27, 2009


<---stinky boy. And I would know. I changed him right after this picture.

<---even ballerina princesses have to do puzzles in their PJ's.

<---love this. Chase trying to put my lens cap on as I try to take a picture of him. Think he is trying to tell me something??

Its finally snowing. I am crossing fingers, arms and toes that we get the 4 inches predicted. I really want to turn the kids out in the snow and watch them play! I think that they will love it!!!

And Vanessa. It doesn't suprise me that you would "pretend" to nap in kindergarten. We all know how you "pretend" to look for things and then can't find them......I am just sayin'

It took me FOREVER to upload these pics. Like days. Blogger was acting up on me. Looks like its all good now...

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