Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I wish I would have planned better for Christmas. It seems as though we are down to the wire, so to speak, and i have bought two gifts. I have several left to go. This is problamatic. I am running out of days to shop. It just doesnt seem fun! I know that I will be able to go this weekend, and get some more done, I just wish that it was finished already! I have way to much to still do, and way to little time!
On a good note, Riley is feeling much better. I was home with her monday and Tuesday, because of a fever. Poor little thing. The put her back on her neb treatments, saying that it "could" be RSV again. Not that it was for sure, just being cautious. She is doing much better now. I just hate the helplessness that comes with being sick. And the lonely-ness that comes from staying home. I need my adult interaction!
Not much else goingon here, at the home front. Derrick and I are going to his "Christmas" party tomorrow night. We all get together and go eat somewhere. This time we are going to Alexanders. I think that it should be really fun. I really enjoy everyones company, a lot. Plus I can tell them funny stories about Derrick, and get away with it.
So thats it... pretty uneventful.....kinda the way that I like it...

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