Sunday, May 28, 2006

a little something creative....

Phew.... just when I thought I would have to sell all my supplies...

If you are happy and you know it....

Clap your hands! Riley can clap now! She did it several times yesterday and a couple times this morning, however she wont do it for Daddy yet. He probably thinks that I am the biggest liar in the whole world! I can tell him "riley rolled over" or "riley crawled" and she wont do it for him! Stubborn baby!

So no big plans for the day. We are going to Miss Jen's tonight for a cookout. I made pasta salad, and brownies. I currently have eggs cooling in the fridge for deviled eggs. We decided that this would be our "block party". This is easy to do, considering that we are the only two on our whole block!

We have the rest of the "posts" laid in concrete in the backyard. I dont know what these things really do, but something with holding floor joists or something. Derrick is going to go get the wood for the floor today. Should prove to be exciting!

Its so damn hot. Seriously. I feel like I am smothering already, and its only 9:45 in the morning. We turned on the air for a while yesterday, and I am hoping that it kicks on shortly for today. I hate that its pretty out, but we have to have the house closed up cause of the heat!

alright. Hoping for some creative energy today. I really want to get some pages scrapped!

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