Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cause there is nothing better......

<-----than wearing your mommys underwear around your neck, right? I mean, why not. Not all the other kids are doing it, just you, it makes you unique. Or something like that. I can not believe the amount of things this child gets into. These two pictures are just a little piece of the pie....

Some random stories from the last couple days:

-we get home from Ohio Sunday night. I go to put all the laundry in the laundry room. Come back to find Riley STANDING on her desk.

-thinking Riley is playing with her kitchen. Finding crayons all over the floor in her room.

-trying to poke the dogs eyes out. With a fork.

-flipping the rearview mirror to check on her in the backseat. Watching her turn her cup upside down, and shake out any milk she can. Into her lap.

-catching her wearing my bra. Repeatedly.

-trying to get her naked self to stop running around long enough to put on clothes.

then there are the pics like this. Wearing mommy's do rag, being as cute as can be. I love this kid.

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