Thursday, August 21, 2008

Zoo Crew

<--- don't you want to keep him?? To bad. He is all mine.

<--- goofing around with mommy

<--impressed with my photography skills? Don't be. I am just lucky.

<--- I see you!!!

<-- my little zookeeper.

We took the kids down to the St. Louis zoo today! Stupid one that I am, I didn't charge my camera battery yesterday. I figure I have had the thing for a year. I have only charged it twice. I should be good to go, right? Nope. And if you are familiar with my camera (digital rebel xti thank you very much) you know that I actually have to take the battery out, plug it into the charger, plug the battery into the wall, and then I am good to go. So I was pretty much screwed at the zoo today. I got pictures of the rhinos. The elephants. The hippos. Some sort of bear dog. And then Derrick was taking a picture of Riley when he looked at me and said those fateful words "the battery is dead." Life goes on, but it still sucked. And I refused to pay 15 bucks for a disposable camera, when I knew I wouldnt be happy with the pictures! Such is life. But let me tell you, there was the most adorable baby giraffe. I would have taken that thing home. Seriously.

Wednesday was my last day at work! :( It was so sad, and so hard to leave everyone. Its like 6 years of all the same people gone! I dont think that its quite set in yet, that I am not going back. Sarah summed it up best when I left Wednesday. She looked at me and said "I feel like I should tell you to call me when the baby gets here." I have left for two maternity leaves, so leaving for a period of time is familiar to me, and all the people that work with me. So it feels similar, yet I know its final. I love the people that I worked with, and I am thankful for the friedships that I have formed. I will truly miss seeing them everyday, more than they will ever know. Sigh.

Tomorrow is my first day with our new daycare kids here! Riley is beyond excited. I made the mistake of telling her "P" (we will call him that since I dont think that I should plaster someone elses childs name all over the internet without permision) was going to start coming over on friday. It would not have been such a bad thing to tell her, but I told her Sunday. So guess what we have talked about all week???? She got up from her nap on Sunday, and was hysterical because P wasnt here. She will be so excited when she gets up tomorrow and he is here!! I am really looking foward to this change, and this new chapter in my life! I think that it will be crazy, and I think that there will be moments where I want to pull my hair out, but I also think that this will be one of the most rewarding experiences that I will have.

Okay. Off to clean up the scrapbook room. I did a stamp camp last night, and came home, unpacked my bag all over my desk. And then did nothing else. Its a hot mess.

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