Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's freaking cold out!

I am so done with this winter crap. I am sick and freaking tired of it already. And today is the first cold day. Tomorrow it might snow. I might have to stay in bed. I just hate it. I hate the dry skin. Cold hands. Winter coats. Slush. Icky snow. I could go on and on.

So. The new Ghost Hunters premire is on tonight. Let me just say, this show rocks my freaking world. I waited all summer for this. I am planning on folding laundry, and parking my happy butt in front of the TV. Love it. Then Laguna Beach is on. What a good TV night!

I have been working on the house non stop. I think that I have mopped the bathroom floor twice in tha past day. The stupid dog keeps going inside and tracking mud everywhere. Dang dog. I just hate feeling like I can not keep up with the house, maybe thats whats making me keep cleaning. And cleaning. And cleaning. I should be scrapbooking!!

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