Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I forgot....

the one really FUN part of the day today? Letting the dog outside to pee in drifts that are taller than he is. Now that was amusing. Derrick and I kept letting him out over and over, just to watch him in the snow!


So you would think that I would have accomplished SOMETHING today. Maybe done my millions of loads of laundry. Cleaned house. I did "work" on laundry. However, it has not been as productive an activity as was planned. I did clean house, but got bored. I did about ten things today.
1. Put Rileys hair in pigtails. Twice.
2. Gave Riley a bath.
3. Looked out the window at the blowing snow.
4. Ate leftover veggie pizza. For snack.
5. Napped.
6. See #3
7. Ate lemon yogurt.
8. Napped.
9. See #3 (or #6 which ever you prefer.)
10. got really excited when they decided to close the clinic tomorrow.

And just about two minutes ago, I let Derrick have my last Mt. Dew. He better appreciate it.

I need to make my valentines day cards for tomorrow, so Derrick will at least have something to open. But as you can see, I am lazy today. I hope that we can go out tomorrow and take some pics of the snow. I have never seen anything like this, but I also have never lived in the country before. Its creepy and scary, all at the same time. Its weird to think that the whole Champaign Urbana and surrounding area has pretty much ceased to work. Its like it just shut down. I get to sleep in tomorrow though, so I wont be complaining! On to the pics!

<--- I know this is sideways. Bear with me. I am lazy. (see above if you want explanation for said lazyness). Riley has decided that the one and only place to play is on daddys sub-woofer in the living room. Ashley did her pigs like this at daycare yesterday, they were so CUTE!

<---- again sideways. She was standing on the back of the couch looking at the snow this morning. This was before I caught her licking snow of the mat in front of the front door. Its moments like that I have to start chanting "I am not a bad mommy" over and over.

I think thats it on the homefront. Bean is still growing and doing well. I think that I am feeling some movement, but cant tell for sure. I guess when its for sure, for sure, I will know for sure!! We may be getting a sex identifying sono sooner than we thought, since we have to get it done before we settle on the health part of our accident claim. Other than that, we are smooth sailing!! Alright. I am off to find something productive.

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