Thursday, December 27, 2007

just a few pics...

<-----little mans pretty eyes

<----pinkie pie. you know you wish you had one!

<--- little alligator

<---- little alligator again.....

<--- lovin bathtime.....

nothing much to report here. another uneventful day.... i have chase on my lap "helping" to type. i think the little guy must be teething as he seems so uncomfy lately....

off to find baby tylenol....

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Want a Cupcake??

<---hmmm. This is pretty good.

<----yep. Love this icing.

<---you really want a bite????

<--- I wonder if there are more up there on the counter?

<--- I wish I had a cupcake. I guess I will settle for bouncing.

I am so in love with this camera! I feel like I can take actual close ups of the kids. And did you notice? No red eye! Not that I didnt like my other camera, this just has more of the artistic capability that I am looking for right now. And? Its nicer than dads camera. So I win! Neener Neener Neener, dad.

Not much going on here. First day back to work. Man was it hard to get up. The sad thing was, I only had to work half a day, and I am off tomorrow! Crazy I tell you. I work half a day Friday, and then I am done till Monday. Then of course, off Tuesday. My paycheck is going to absolutly suck, but oh well!!

Okay. I am in the midst of a new page and Derrick wants the computer....

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

some pics...

<--- Riley bug. Cute as can be.

<--- Little man. Well not so little anymore.

<---Everything is better with gummi's

<---- in love with this picture.

<---Aunt Ann and Riley doing hair together.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas! We spent most of our time here this year, which was nice! We opened presents last night, and Derrick got me the new camera that I have been wanting FOREVER. Well I have been wanting a Digital Rebel forever, but he got me the XTi! I am so in love with it, and am already taking TONS of pictures! I have yet to venture far from auto mode, but I am content to play!

I think that the kids enjoyed all their gifts! They were spoiled for sure, and loved every minute of it! Mom and Dad came down tonight with Chandra and Aunt Ann. It was so nice to see everyone! I think that Riley really enjoyed the extra company, once she warmed up!

OKay. I know its lame, but I am already tired... off to bed!!

Merry Christmas!!!!

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