Sunday, December 06, 2009

Combine Ride






December Daily

So I am working on a new album, inspired by Ali Edwards blog, and her December Daily album. The idea is that you have an entire 25 page album started and numbered before December 1st. Then you fill in with a picture and journaling, whatever, for each day. My anal scrapbook matching, doesn't allow me to scrap beforehand. I have to have things matching and perfect before I start a page. So I went ahead and picked out 25 random pages and page shapes before I started the album. This way I can switch for a bigger page for one day, smaller page for another. And since I started my album Friday night (I know, I know not Dec. 1st) I have been able to rearrange based on the pics that I have. Works for me. Anyway, here are my first couple pages….




Notice how things hang off the page, and everything is different sized. LOVE it. L.O.V.E it. This is going to become a Christmas tradition for me!! Not only is it fun to create, but it is challenging me to think of one thing to put in the album everyday, which is helping me record more of the “daily details” of our lives… I am hoping that over Christmas break (only two more days till I turn in Beowulf) I can get some other scrapping done as well. I need to place a picture order, soon, or I risk it not getting some of my pics in time for Christmas!

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