Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Randomness

Its almost three here, which translates to: Time to wake up the kiddos!! We did you v-day party today and I am hoping that I can keep the candy in the bags until they are ready to walk out the door! Not that I dont mind a little sugar high, but eight kids on a sugar high. Wow.

Nothing much planned for the weekend. Derrick works VDay so the kids and I will bake and decorate special cupcakes for him and maybe bring them in to work for him to share with his crew. We will see how ambitious we decide to be. I have a couple things due for school this weekend/monday. Only one is semi time consuming, so I hope that I can get it done tonight. Otherwise it will just have to wait until tomorrow. And I have a math test due, but those are pretty quick. Not easy, but quick.

Riley is cheering tonight at the villa grove game. I am excited to take some pics and see how she does this time versus the FB game last time. We shall see....

Alright. Sugar high. Here I come.....

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