Saturday, August 18, 2007

Creativity Strikes again.....

Just a couple ones from yesterday. Sorry for the crazy scans. Stitching is truely not my best used feature in my photo program. Plus its a little crazy to scan layouts anyway, cause they are usually a little lumpy and bumpy!
Both kids are asleep, so now I am left with the ominous decision. Do I scrap, or do I sleep. Yesterday I was wired, and stayed up. Today I am a little sleepy. Sleep may be the better choice. I hate sleeping during the day though, cause I wake up so groggy. I made a choice after we had Riley to never do housework during naptime. Thats my time. I was spending all my time on the weekends cleaning and catching up on laundry. Its hard, cause Derrick isnt here on the weekends, so I dont have additional help. It felt like it was a constant battle, so naptime officially became "me time". Now its just hard to decide what to do with those precious hours!
Chase slept from 10:30 to 4:30 last night. Then he was up at 5:30. I put him in bed with me, and he slept till 8:30. This is becoming a trend. He wakes up about an hour after his last feeding, and just wants to get in bed with us. I know that Riley didnt sleep with us this much, and its really a habit that I dont want to start. He actaully just went to sleep too, he has been up since about 9:00, off and on. I think that he just wants to be held to sleep. Little stinker!
I think thats all the update. Not much going on here. Kinda nice that way...

Friday, August 17, 2007

Pee.... Everywhere

<---- little diva. I *love* old navy bargians. So cheap, yet so cute. And they provide her with hours of fun!

<---this is a funny one. Riley packed my makeup bag in her purse. It was a little quiet in the backseat, but never did I imagine she had put on eyeshadow. On her cheeks. Its like airport security around here now. All bags are checked before leaving the house.

<--- and of course, the little man. He is doing so well, and getting so big! I can not get over how much he has changed, and in such a short amount of time!!

Everything is going pretty well. We are just going from day to day, doing whatever we want! Its kinda nice that way. I miss work a little bit, but not to much yet. Riley is so well behaved right now, that I can not really complain. We have our occasional meltdowns, but other than that, she is doing really well.

Today I experienced the whole "boy pee" issue. Chase is really good about not peeing on me. Really good. Today he got me three times within a twenty minute period. I changed him, he peed. I went to change his clothes, took off the diaper, he peed. Then he ate a little. Pooped, and you guesed it peed. It seriously is a projectile type thing. I couldnt stop laughing after the third time. He was a little shocked I think. Almost like he was thinking, "whats that stream flying over my head?? How far can I aim this? Can I hit the oppisite arm of the couch?" It was really cute, but a little messy.

Well I was hoping for a longer update, but judging from shouts coming from Riley's room, there must be a fly in there.......

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