Thursday, July 12, 2007

Somewhere. Someone. Is. Laughing. At. Me.

So I am abviously still around. Still contracting. I waited until 6:30 to wake up Derrick. I figured at that point this had gone on for four hours. I was 8-10 minutes apart, about a minute long. Not super close together, but I was following the 6 in an hour guideline the nurses gave me. I called L&D at about 6:45. They told me to take a bath to see if they woudl stop. I wanted to scream "Lady, I dont want them to stop. I want to have a flippin' baby". I took the bath. They slowed down to about 15 minutes apart. I finally went in around 9AM (to work). I figured there was really no other place for me to be. It was better I be there, then milling around here. I finished some odd-ball things I had left to do, and left. Got the bean, headed to Walmart. Spent a crapload of money on random crap. I should not be allowed in Walmart alone.

So I am back home. Contracting. Again. I am not even going to bother timing them at the moment. I am just going to get in the bath.......

To wake or not to wake.

That is of course, the ultimate question. Especially when you have already had preterm labor. And you are so ready to meet this baby that every "twinge" is something happening. I wonder if this really is a frustrating decision for pregnant women. Its 2:57. I woke up about 2:30 with what I am more sure than anything in my life are some prety good contractions. My gut says pack the bag (I know shame on me that I have not done it yet). The rest of me is being logical. Get up move around. They are going to want me to drink water to make sure they are not going away. So I am waiting. And blogging. We shall see.

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