Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One month.... already?

I know that today he is technically a month and a day, but I assure you that these pictures were taken last night, when he really was a month old! It seems unreal that he has been in the family already for a month! Where did the time go? He is just such a perfect fit with us, its hard to imagine what life was like before him! Such a sweet little man!
Derrick is home today. He is out putting shingles on the shanty (shed). When Riley gets up from her nap we are going to run into town to get him fitted for a tux, and to go to Target. Should be a good outing for us! It feels like its been forever since we have been anywhere. I think that in reality we were out on Thursday, but that seems like it was ages ago!
Not much else going on around here. I am watching my time off dwidle by. Its kinda sad! When will i have time to scrapbook when I go back to work? Notice I dont worry about laundry or housework, its all about the scrapbooking.... I did get some paper in for a Christmas project I am working on, so I am super excited to get that started and done! I also placed a HUGE order on ACOT last night. 12 bottles of prima flowers should be on thier way today. Along with several BG bookplates, and of course, paper!!! Its scheduled to arrive Friday, which is perfect, since Derrick will be working. This way I can just intergrate it into my stash, and he will never know!!
Alright, I have cinnamon rolls cooking and they are almost done, so I better ice them real quick...

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