Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What my kids do on Sundays....

<---mmmm. Froot Loops out of the box. Dont worry we have a "special" box reserved for this that we dont share with anyone.

<--- Riley: Let me show you how to work this thing Chase-y Chase: I dont care about the freaking remote. Hand over the fruit loops.

<--- too much sugar in the AM.

I dont have much else to really say! Things have been pretty low key around here. I feel like I should change my blog name to like the boring adventures of a daycare mom or something. I would much rather it be low key, but still. It makes me look boring in the blogging world.

Derrick is trying to put the heater in. Okay, right now he is asleep on the couch, but its naptime, so there isnt much he can do. Once the kids get up, he will be working again. We cant run the vents under the floor (we will be putting new flooring in and the old is much lower than the new) so we are going to have duct work running across our floor for the next couple week. I dont care. GIVE ME HEAT! Its not freezing my any means, but I have really poor circulation in my feet and hands, so I get cold really quick.

Okay. All the update for now. I want to work on a page while the house is quiet.... :)

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