Sunday, February 26, 2006

I hate being sick

Seriously. Hate it. Despise it. Loathe it. I hate the feeling where your head is in a jar. You hear everything around you, but its muffled. You can't stop your nose from running. Everywhere. Your nose is raw from constant blowing. You cant taste. You get to the point where you hate being in bed, and no longer want to "rest". Why is it rest anyway? You cant breathe, your constantly blowing your nose, and you cant stop coughing when you lay down. Lot of rest that is. Rant over.

Even through this snot induced haze, I have managed to scrapbook some this weekend. I will post pics for you here, for your veiwing pleasure. As always, I have posted them at as well.

So my new dryer is on its way home. Thank goodness. I have a load of wet clothes waiting for that bad boy. Hopefully my new water heater will come home tomorrow. I think that this is the first "joys" of homeowning we have had. I think that we should consider ourselves lucky. I think that Derricks just mad, cause we were going to use some of this money to start on the foundation for the addition. We are just going to have to watch what we spend, and we will get it saved back up in no time. Translation: no sneaking checks to the scrapbook store.

Well I am going to drag my sick self back to bed. As if I hadnt been there almost all day already.....

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