Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Turn OFF The Water!!

Things have to start looking up now. They have to. We are the proud owners of a brand spankin new outta the box 50 gallon water heater. Sure there is a orange cord running from it, through the bedroom, through the living room, throught the kitchen, to the pantry, to the breaker box. But, by God, the thing is in. And I have hot water. And no carpet.

Derrck woke up yesterday morning, and the water heater was "trickling" water. Translation: flooding. Riley and Derrick went and picked out a new water heater, and Derrick and I put it in last night. Derrick's departing words at 8:00 when he went to get new pipes were "Dont rip up the carpet." Guess what? I ripped up the carpet. It was soaked. The subfloor was soaked. We also foud out that the shower was leaking. I am having flashbacks of the "Money Pit". OUr house is to cute to have this happen!!

At midnight last night, I finally stopped pulling carpet and sat down on the edge of the tub, teary, and told Derrick that we officially have a creepy house. I can see through the floor in the bathroom to the crawlspace. Yuck.

So am hoping that future posts will be happier. Until then I will leave you with the ick pictures of my sad little bathroom :(

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