Friday, March 03, 2006

Normal? Really?

I think it has finally ended. The bad luck, the breaking appliances. I think it might be over. Hold on, I am going to go knock on wood.....

I totally cut my hair off last night. Its gone. Well not all of it, but a good ten inches. It was getting to be too much! I needed a break. Plus, and this is hard to explain, I think that I needed an updated look. I look around at some of the people that I work with and I think that they look so polished, so professional, and here I am with my hair still wet, thrown up in a ponytail, cause there is no way I am spending the hour and a half it takes to dry all that hair. I am digging hte new cut, but I think that I want to get some more layers cut into it. I think that i need to adjust to it a bit more first.

My blog ate the bathroom pictures... I will post them, or attempt to post them tonight. I also have a cutie pattootie picture of Riley that I will be posting.

So no big plans this weekend. I am thinking that I will stay home all day tomorrow. I am thinking (notice I said thinking) of getting the house all cleaned up tonight, so I have nothing to worry about this weekend. Derrick is goingto Tony and Cindy's Sunday, they are supposed to work on some wiring together. Riley and I are supposed to go with, but I am seriously considering staying home by myself, and letting the two of them go together. It would be really nice to have a little break from the norm. Course I dont know what I would do, but there has to be something. sounding better and better!!

Well laundry is calling. Screw that, the whole damn house is calling. And to think I had it looking spotless just last weekend.....

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