Saturday, February 25, 2006

Good luck? Bad luck?

I swear Derrick and I have the worst luck. Ever. Period. Once we start to get ahead everything starts breaking. It never fails. Usually its a vehicle. This time its household appliances. After Riley being sick, Derricks mom being in the hospital, I finally caught the sick-bug. I went to work yesterday. I attempted. I failed. I got home and there was a huge puddle of water under the hot water heater. I went to bed. I got up late last night, and dried a load of clothes. The dryer started screaming again. I swear I am going to start a freak show at my house. I can see the title now "Amazing dryer!! Screams like a pig in heat!! Leaking water heater!! Only leaks when you arnt looking, so you cant tell where its coming from!!! Come one, come all, see all the freaky appliances!!!" So anyway.... I started the dryer this morning and when it shut off, I went to get the clothes out, it smelled like something was burning. I unplugged it, but I am still a little worried about it. Guess we dont need clean clothes for next week? I am thinking that I will wash everything, drop Riley off and grandma and grandpa whites, and take it all to the laundrymat, so that it will all dry at once. Fun. I am sure the laundrymat in Villa Grove is first rate! I think that Derrick and I will be dryer shopping this week.

We still have not heard from Brian. I cant help but wonder what he is going through. Even though Brian is "macho" man, I have seen the emotional, tearful times more than I can count. I have to admit there was a time I didnt know what to think about Brian. When stacy and him started dating, it felt like we all grew closer. I think thats the Brian that is still around now. I have to admit, I am really worried about him and Lisa. I think after the pscho you want to evaluate every person that he dates. He doesnt need another psycho. I am worried about her not coming to the going away party on Sunday. I am sure that there is some reason behind it, but it just doesnt feel like she was being as supportive of him as I think that we would all like to see. I really like Lisa though, and think that she would make a great sister in law. Course I have to admit, at this point I still want Stacy!!

So I am doing the "great" cleaning today. I just spent the last hour and a half cleaning out kitchen cabinets. I dont know what it is about Derrick and I, but we can empty a box of food, and then we leave it! I had so many cracker, granola bar, fruit snack boxes, I could build Riley a fort! I still have the floors, the kitchen table, the fridge, and the pantry to go. Yuck. Then I might move on to the living room, but I am also feeling all my paper (scrapbook) call my name!!

Well I guess thats all the rambling for now....see what happens when I miss a day??

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