Friday, April 21, 2006

Wanna peek??

<-------my shelves. Stocked with paper. stamps. paper. goodies. silk flowers. paper. idea books. paper. unfinished albums. did I mention paper?

<-----this is my veiw into my room. its soooo tiny. but its mine. I olny have to share with derrick after nine, and only then if he wants to play online poker. or pay bills. i will let him in to pay bills. The white table (with the silver and green buckets) holds my paper trimmer. I cant even see it. Bad news! The green bucket holds ribbons. TONS of ribbons. and those are only carded or spooled ribbon. loose ribbon is stored in another basket!

<----- okay I had to stand on a chair for this one. this is where I scrapbook. Where you ask? Thats why my cutting table is covered. I move and work move and work. See the open desk drawer on the left? Full of boxes and boxes off all sorts of fun stuff. Brads. Eyelets. Buttons. See the open long drawer on the front of the desk? Full of rub-ons. Tons of rubons. You cant really see it, but there is a Longaberger basket on the pulled out chair. Full. More rubons, more stickers. More everything.

<---- these two arejust dofferent veiws. I didnt even include my seven drawer cart. Yikes.

So why all the pictures? A major cleanup is about to happen. Major. Tonight. I can not scrapbook in theis chaos. I need some sort of order, some "pick" up system. It has gotten way out of control! Lets hope I have some CLEAN pictures to post tonight.

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