Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter, Easter, Easter.....

Easter pics for everyone!! So ready for the cutest thing ever? The Easter Bunny spent 40 bucks on a walker. Riley got in it, pulled the hamper over to her, and chewed on the handle. We coulda spent 5 bucks and gotten her a laundry basket! Silly girl!

Easter went well. We all went to church together, even Derrick. Yes the church is still standing! Riley tried to sing over and over with us, but ended up yelling more than anything. She's still cute though! Her dress was a hit! Thanks Amber!

I did manage to get a good picture of Riley and Zachary together this weekend. THis is the first time we have seen him since Brian left, so I am hoping to get this printed and mailed off to brian as soon as possible.

Rumor had it that Brian was going to get to call home yesterday. We didnt hear anything at mom and dads but we dont know if he tried to call jennifer and Zachary. She wouldnt tell us anyway. I told Zachary that daddy comes home in 36 days, and we will have cake and ice cream then. Jennifer told him that his Daddy went away for job and wasnt coming back. Stupid &(*&#$%.

Well I am putting the finishing touches on a new Layout. I am going to post it here later tonight. This is one that I took apart and did over, so I will have a "voting" contest..... maybye that will atract some more comments!

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