Friday, April 21, 2006

Ha! I did it!!!

<-----mmm a whole basket of letter stamps. Love it. Is it sad that this is one of many baskets of letter stamps?

Above: The way my "cutting station" should look. Looks productive huh? That cute little lunchbox in the background? Paints. Gotta love it!

<---- fine speciman we have here. The way a ribbon bucket should look!

My Desk. its clean!!!! Who woulda thunk it??

Hmmm... I thought that I uploaded a picture of my clean shelves too. Oh well. I sorted all my paper. By company, color, ect. Those of you that love scrapbooking will see the importance of this. There is nothing like searching for that peice of basic grey paper (this is a brand for all you non scrapbook people) and not being able to find it. To ease this common pain, I sort by company, then by paper. Sounds obbsessive huh? It is my friend. It is.

So now I should be scrapping right? I am formulating in my head. Thats all. Formulating. I am hoping to turn out something wonderful tonight. And now, the master (okay wanabe master) must go to work.

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