Sunday, April 23, 2006

New ones....

Well. I guess my mojo is coming back. Full speed ahead! The three purple and green pages are for Cindy's maternity album. The "Is she your only?" is one of my favorites that I have ever done. I was asked by a woman in IGA if Riley was my only. I replied yep, for right now. I thought about this all day. She is my only. My only girl. My only first child. My only child. My only person in a crib. My only person with the most toys. She is my only. Even when we add another one into the mix, she will still be my only fist. maybe my only girl. she will still be the only one that taught us how to get spit up on. the only that taught us diaper changes. the only one that first taught us our hearts could exist outside of our bodies.

okay getting teary.

there has to be some laundry or something domestic to do around here....

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