Saturday, April 29, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!!

I LOVE my birthday. Love it. I have spent all morning shopping! So excited! I got TONS of stuff at the scrapbook store, and am ready to go back for more! Derricks mom got me a new shirt, and a new pair of Jammie pants. I think that we will be headed to the mothership (GAP) soon. I got the cutest shirt today to wear out tonight! i am soooo excited! Cant wait! Ready to drink a little bit. Or a lotta bit. I cant lie! (sorry mom and dad). Its been so long since I have been out in this type of setting, so I am raring to go. Derricks mom is going to keep Riley tonight, so that we dont have to worry about driving home. Thank goodness.

So thats it... off to play with some of my new goodies...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kristen! Happy birthday!! I looked at Kyles profile and he kinda looks like you from the 1 picture I'm allowed to see without being a member! Maybe I'll sign up to be a member later but for now I better work on my paper. byeeeeee. -V

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