Thursday, April 27, 2006

Kyle, Kyle Kyle!

So. Loveing myspace. Seriously loving it. Logged on to see if I could get some dirt on my sisters. (sorry guys...) Ended up finding my little brother! Okay. So maybe you are thinking "hmmmm. Kristen has a brother? I didnt know!" it strue! All true! Kyle and I have the same birthfather. We met about six years ago, after finding my birthmother. We have been out of contact for about four years, but we started talking again on Sunday! Good times. Good times! I cant wait to go see him soon!

So today sucked. People calling in. Here is a message. Serious message. Call into work? Dont get online. It looks bad. Really bad. To sick to work? To sick to play. Vent over.

So here is another issue--I dont get it. I hate Health Alliance. I really do. With a passion. I spent close to six hours today dealing with them on an issue. I had the patient to doctor soordinator tell me "Why dont you understand? Its so simple" Whatever.

Seriously people. Its two days away from my birthday. Give me a freaking break.

I feel like I am struggling so bad right now, just cause I cant get through to people. I say things until I am blue in the face, and still things dont get done right. It blows my mind. These are SIMPLE tasks. Simple.

The sad thing? This entry would be a whole lot worse, but I dont know who is "watching" my blog. Arrrggg.

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