Saturday, March 11, 2006

I am a cheater.....

Thats right. I am a cheater. I cheated. Cheated on Derrick. Today I opted for a douple dip of Jarling's Lemon custard instead of Culvers ice cream. I have to admit, it was sooooo good. And totally worth it! Sorry Derrick, I love you babe, but I love Jarlings too!! :)

So I think I know how I am going to make my millions.... I have a new diet plan. Riley actaully gave me the idea. She was so rotten cute last night. After she ate, I jept trying to get her out of her highchair. She wasnt having any of it. She wanted her toys, in her highchair. To eat. Isnt she so rotten cute?

So not much else happening here. Waiting for the big storms to hit. I guess that its supposed to get really bad tonight, tornadoes, hail, the whole nine yards. I have heard that it will be bad again tomorrow, but the weather channel keeps promising more sun and clouds.

I did go get my nails done today. Totally loving them. Usually I get so frustrated at them, I want to take them off by now. I didnt let her put any tips on them for that reason. I just had them do an acrylic overlay, with a french manicure polish. Totally cute. Lets hope it lasts!

Well thats all for tonight....all you Illinois-ians keep an eye on the weather....I know I will be (course I a FREAK about weather.....)

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