Thursday, March 09, 2006

Comments? Comments anyone?

Ha! I have finally figured it out! I figured out the feature that only lets people who have blogs comment. It is turned off now, so everyone can comment. I expect to see your comments. Comment. Comment now dangit! I have ot know I am not the only one reading this!

Derrick and I are getting ready to take our official looking letter to our neighbors. They own the house caddy-corner to us, but live somewhere out in the country. Great fun. Good thing that Riley isnt all the way asleep.... yet. Speaking of the punkin... isnt this adorable?? I took this last night, after the poor little thing consumed almost a whole jar of peaches. She was one hungry baby!

Well, I am being prompted, its almost time to go.....I will leave you with one parting thought..... COMMENT!!!


Amber said...

I'll comment....I check all the time for the cute pictures of Riley. You better get her down here soon. ;)

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Anonymous said...

You're not the only one reading this! Aaaaaaaaaaw. Moooooooo.
-Vanessa (if you couldn't tell)

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