Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sickness, Sickness, all the sickness

Does it ever end? I dont think that this part of parenthood was fully explained to me. I was not prepared for this. We were up late last night, making friends with the nebulizer, and the patient advisory nurse. We went back to see Dr. Roberts today, and thankfully all the RSV is gone. Dr. Roberts does think that she has developed asthma, so we are now starting a steriod in addition to the abuterol. Such is life. Poor little thing. She is finally sleeping, and peaceful, and seems to be feeling fine.

So after driving from home to work, back to Tuscola, and back to work, I am finally safe and sound right?? Guess agian. Derricks dad called this afternoon, and mom was being admitted to the hospital for internal bleeding. She has been taking coumadin ever since they found the blood clots, and they think she has developed an intestinal bleed as a side effect. Pretty big side effect if you ask me. They are going in tomorrow morning to place an umbrella filter in one of her veins. They are stopping the coumadin therapy, so they want to have a "stopper" in place in case one of the blood clots would come loose. This will prevent the clot from reaching her brain, heart, lungs ect.

Then the Illini had to go and loose. Those poor guys. I just feel like we are all hyped up from last season, and its so much pressure when they loose. I am thinking that this grossly effects our chances at a big ten championship this year. Poor guys.

Brian also left today. He came over late last night. I feel so bad for him leaving everything he knows, and venturing into this great unknown. I think that the Marines will be good for Brian, but that it will be an adjustment. I told him that we would write letters, and that i would bake cookies for him. We cant send him anything while he is in basic, so I will have to eat his cookies for him for the next 13 weeks. After that, I promise to stop eating and start sending.

Well I guess thats enough trauma drama for tonight. Better luck tomorrow.....

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