Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Geting Better??

I think some of us are!

Riley seems to be improving. She is not coughing quite as much, so I think that the steriod is helping. Jen (Rileys babysitter) called me today, there is some concern that her little girl may have RSV. Derrick is home tomorrow with Riley, so there is no concern of her being to close before we know the results of the test. I am hoping for Savannah's sake that its nothing more than the bronchitis that she was diagnosed with today.

Derricks mom had her surgery late this afternoon. I talked to her late this evening. She said she is sore, but doing well. Her doctor has yet to discuss the results of her CT scan with her, so we dont know the extent of the bleeding at this time. It must not be to bad, because they are talking about releasing her tomorrow.

Brian has taken off for the sunny beaches of San Diego. Okay so more like the icky beaches of basic training. We have yet to hear if he landed okay, but I am assuming that he is not allowed to call. Meanwhile his psycho ex-wife is causing some havoc. She is up to something. Plain and simple. She is NOT to be trusted. She is saying that she is "haivng such a hard time with this, and doesnt understand why". She had an easy enough time sending him to jail, right? She is so sneaky and wrong, I find it hard to believe a word she says.

So i finished a new scrapbook page last night... I will post it here for your viewing pleasure. Major kudos to our photographer, Amber, for the awsome pictures. You totally Rock!! (did I just do my first blog "shout out"??). Anyway here you go.....

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