Monday, May 31, 2010

New Cards







I started scanning my cards, and wow, its a lot quicker! These are ones that I completed the past two days. Last night Derrick and I rented a movie and I colored a whole bunch of images. So I will be ready to put together some cards at naptime today!

We have not done much this three day weekend. Mostly be lazy together, which has been so nice. Derrick was off yesterday and we got some piddly things  done around here, and got the house cleaned up. I feel like its been forever since the house had a good deep cleaning, so it felt like it was way past time! I only have a couple things left to finish up today, like cleaning the back bathroom (ICK- I am putting it off as long as possible!) and cleaning up the screened in porch. Its so funny to clean with kids though. Its like you get one room cleaned and you turn around and there are toys or boots or trucks in the room that you just cleaned! It drives me crazy!

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