Friday, May 28, 2010

I missed a day….

But I have a REALLY good excuse. You see, I had to go get this done….



I have been talking on and off about getting my nose pierced for about a year now. Maybe longer. So last night, I did it! And it wasn't that bad! And I am so in love with it! This stone is a little bigger than what I want in there long term, but I have to keep it in for 8-10 weeks to let it heal. And Derrick likes it, which totally rocks my world. :) And aside from dad, who called me an idiot (thanks dad) everyone else has been okay about it. And mom, I am pretty sure I woke you up this morning, so I hope you remember our conversation, and this picture doesn't come as a shock… :)


Alright. On to crafty-ness.

Finished birdhouse card.



Yum. Cupcakes! :) And the background on this one (above) is pink, not red as it appears.


I am loving using my punches for sentiments. Why I didnt buy these sooner, I will never know, cause I LOVE them!

Alright naptime for the kiddies, and I have a DVR’s episode of RHNYC to watch. :)

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Anonymous said...

Lookin' good...and it's even smaller than I'd thought it would be. Love, Mom

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