Thursday, July 12, 2007

Somewhere. Someone. Is. Laughing. At. Me.

So I am abviously still around. Still contracting. I waited until 6:30 to wake up Derrick. I figured at that point this had gone on for four hours. I was 8-10 minutes apart, about a minute long. Not super close together, but I was following the 6 in an hour guideline the nurses gave me. I called L&D at about 6:45. They told me to take a bath to see if they woudl stop. I wanted to scream "Lady, I dont want them to stop. I want to have a flippin' baby". I took the bath. They slowed down to about 15 minutes apart. I finally went in around 9AM (to work). I figured there was really no other place for me to be. It was better I be there, then milling around here. I finished some odd-ball things I had left to do, and left. Got the bean, headed to Walmart. Spent a crapload of money on random crap. I should not be allowed in Walmart alone.

So I am back home. Contracting. Again. I am not even going to bother timing them at the moment. I am just going to get in the bath.......

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