Thursday, July 19, 2007

4 days....

Well if you count today. But today is only half over, so I think that I really should count today. It is only fair.
We are all still doing okay. Derrick is still alive. For now. He is also safe at work at the moment. I am okay. I am really uncomfortable. I think thats really an understatement, but thats okay. I am having trouble sleeping due to my back pain, and the constant urge to pee. That I can handle. What I can not handle is the intense hip/thigh muscle pain. I never experienced it with Riley, so I have to admit its quite shocking this time around. Its very helpful to know that the end is in sight though! Its also been really nice to be home this week. I have gotten quite a bit done, and dont feel rushed, as I have all day to do things, instead of a four hour time block where I am trying to cram in a whole days worth of stuff, along with dinner, a bath and everything else! Riley has been really well behaved, and that has helped alot. She has turned into quite the "helper". I need to finish the kitchen, the laundry room and the back/scrap room. The kitchen and the back room need a once over. The laundry room and the scrap room need the deep clean! I am also working on thank you cards, and the baby announcements, slowly but surely. I got all my giraffes watercolored last night, they just need to be cut and inked and stuck on paper, and stuck on a card, and I could go on and on! We are going to hobby lobby tomorrow after my appointment, so I need to make sure that I have my list of need to get scrapbook supplies ready! I need to get some more photo boxes, and some brown paper to finish my cards. We also have to run to target and walmart. Just for little last minute things. In fact I think that we can get everything we need at Walmart, so we may just go there. I need to pick up some more 6oz bottles (the ones we had for Riley have all disapeared), some toilet paper (I never realized how much a pregnant person goes through), batteries for the swing, and random groceries. Now if I can stick to my "lists" we will be good to go!
Well I just put the bean down for a nap and its finally getting quiet in there, so I think that I will head off to try to get a litle nap in too.....

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